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Our Background

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Founder, Jim Fidler is recognised as an industry leader in Security event Management.  His knowledge, vast experience, hands on management approach and continuous improvement philosophy, ensure that Crowd Manager will be a leader in the market of Operational management and consulting for Crowd Management, Festivals, Events, Mass Gatherings, Event Safety, Risk Management as well as Touring, Personal Security and Project Management.

Jim’s qualifications in Crowd and Risk Management create a major point of difference from other security organisations.

Jim is continually aiming to increase industry Knowledge and as such have engaged in further education in the following areas:

  • Risk Management
  • Crowd management and Event Safety
  • Venue Management
  • Health and Safety

Operational involvement in the Events, Festivals and Touring as well as Major iconic projects allows access to industry professional in all aspects who can further enhance the capabilities and scope of Crowd Manager.


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